Polygon Ape: The Evolution


Polygon Ape: The Evolution



Golden Eyed Ape
Bloody Hat Ape
The collection

We're a gang of 10,000 unique Polygon Apes

Comprised of a variety of 185 randomly assigned appearance attributes, with varying rarity. Each ape is completely unique from the next, and no two apes are the same.


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The Roadmap


10% Minted - 5 random ape holders, chosen at random, will receive a Polygon Ape airdropped into their wallets.


25% Minted - The Polygon Ape team will enter the lab, exposing radiation, chemicals and infectious agents to our apes. It seems to be causing a mutation.


50% Minted - The Polygon Ape merchandise store will open. Show your support for the Polygon Ape project around the world.



75% Minted - A virus is spreading throughout the Polygon blockchain, and the undead are swarming. The Polygon Ape team will now develop a vaccine (warning: this vaccine may have adverse effects).


100% Minted
Stage 1 - A snapshot of the addresses of all Polygon Ape holders will be taken before the Polygon Mutant artwork is complete. Polygon Mutant Serums will be sent to these addresses.

Stage 2 - A second snapshot will be taken before the Polygon Undead artwork is completed. Polygon Undead Vaccines will be airdropped to these addresses.


What's next? - Polygon Ape, Polygon Mutant & Polygon Undead holders will gain exclusive access to all of our future events, airdrops, yacht parties, and more, with their membership pass (ape).

Who we are

The Polygon Ape Team



Pumpkin Spice Lattes #1 fan, Friends addict, Illustrator guru and an avid lover of Kung Fu Panda.


Warcraft, EVE Online and Star Wars junkie. Rugby player and Polygon enthusiast.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Polygon Ape: The Evolution?

An NFT collection of 10,000 Polygon Apes, stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Polygon blockchain & hosted on IPFS. Polygon Apes are inspired by BAYC, however, we have created many entirely new traits to spice it up.

Who is eligible for the Polygon Mutant Serum & Polygon Undead Vaccine airdrops?

Anyone that holds a Polygon Ape at the time of the snapshots will be eligible to mint a Polygon Mutant and Polygon Undead. You will receive a Polygon Mutant Serum and a Polygon Undead Vaccine for every Polygon Ape you own before the snapshots.

How do I buy a Polygon Ape?

Polygon Apes can now only be bought on secondary marketplaces. Make sure you follow the official links at the top of this webpage, or the links in the official-links channel in our Discord.

How was the Polygon Ape art created?

Every ape, trait, shadow etc was hand drawn by our artist RottenBanana. What makes Polygon Apes unique is that we did not take the BAYC art and modify it, we created our art from scratch, with inspiration from BAYC. We have 100% of the source files of our work.

What is the purpose of the Polygon Apes?

Polygon Ape: The Evolution provides the community with an opportunity to mint high quality apes on the Polygon blockchain with minimal gas fees. Polygon Apes believe in the future of Polygon, and we hope you do too.

Are you affiliated with BAYC or Yuga Labs?

No, we are not affiliated with BAYC or Yuga Labs, and we are not able to offer any of the perks that you can get by owning any Yuga Labs NFTs. Polygon Ape: The Evolution, was created by NFT, ape & Polygon enthusiasts. We will continue to support BAYC & Yuga Labs in any way that we can.